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Bulk or Cut


These days I like to stay in shape all the time so I don’t do the massive bulk mass periods of training like this anymore.

In these photos I went from a 32” waist at stage 1 to a 38” waist Stage 2. I was carrying a lot of fat and water.

By far the hardest part is Stage 3 – so to prevent having to go through a mass cut. I now follow and recommend one of two options :

1. Eat +500 calories more per day than you need, keep body fat levels ranging from 7-10% – soon as it hits 11% back off on the calories. Basically a mini bulk, however you will still have prolonged calories shortage during the cut which will last at least 4 weeks.

2. So my favourite tried and tested method is to have a mini bulk and mini cut within each and every week.

Bulk on gym days and cut on non gym days. This by far is my favourite way of getting into and staying in good shape. It’s easier to be disciplined when you know you have gym the next day.


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