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5 steps to solve Procrastination


This is a really quick 5 step trick you can use anytime you find yourself procrastinating.

Step 1 –

Become aware of the present moment. You can do that by focusing on reading this step. Confused? Good, you’re now in the present moment.

As all decisions happen in the present moment – the next step is a mental task:

Step 2 –

Make a mental list of 5 pleasurable things that you will feel or think having done the task you are procrastinating about. In your mind associate to all the pleasure you will feel. Say the 5 pleasurable things out loud or speak them in your mind. It’s really important that you complete this step of reciting all 5 in real time.

Step 3 –

Make a mental list of 5 of the most painful things you will think or feel having not done the task and letting procrastination win. Really exaggerate them as much as you can.

It’s important to read out all 5 things out loud or in your mind in real time. ie In the present moment

Step 4 –

This is the last step. You paced yourself for 5 steps (told you it was easy)

By completing the task you have been procrastinating about you will have avoided the 5 painful things you listed in step 3.

Having avoided experiencing these 5 painful things list 3 things you feel or now think having completed the task and avoided the pain you listed.

Step 5

Now go do what you have been procrastinating about.


The majority of people having read these 5 steps will think there is absolutely no way that this works.

If you carry out the steps as written above you will end up doing what you have been procrastinating about. It will be easy for you to do step 5 if you really really go through steps 1-4.

It works every time. It works for big things, it works for little things – it even works for things beyond procrastination.

Don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you.

Lets do an example:

There are cookies in the kitchen. Let’s pretend you’re counting calories and you need to not eat the cookie!


Step 1

Imagine 5 painful things you will feel or think having eaten the cookie and exaggerate them:

1. Roof of my mouth and my fingers will feel oily

2. I’ll feel the cookie all mixed with my saliva and stomach acid like a brown sludge sitting in my stomach.

3. The blood sugar spike from the cookie will leave me feeling starving once my blood sugar plummets in an hour

4. If I break my diet now with this cookie I’ll probably break it again later which means I am a person that has no will power and I am a loser

5. No one will


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