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The Definitive Metabolic Diet, Training, and Nutritional Supplement Book For Recreational and Competitive Bodybuilders

By Mauro G. Di Pasquale, B.Sc., M.D., M.R.O., M.F.S.

I meant The Anabolic Solution to be a simple guide for bodybuilders on how to best use the Anabolic/Metabolic Diet to maximize muscle mass and minimize body fat. But it has become much more.

First of all it is a simplified guide on how to use the Metabolic Diet and my targeted line of nutritional supplements in the different training phases. It’s also a valuable source of information on nutrition and supplements and on macronutrient metabolism – how macronutrients are used and interconverted by the body.

I’ve written this book to make is easy to understand and follow. But parts of this book are also quite technical. I felt it was important to present some of the more technical information so that you can understand how everything fits together and as such make more rational nutrition and training decisions, and make better progress.

So how should you use this book? It all depends on your level of knowledge and expertise. The best way for the uninitiated or less experienced bodybuilders, at least for the first reading, is to just read the instructional parts and leave the technical details for another reading or for referencing down the line.

Since the Metabolic Diet is the cornerstone of my Anabolic Solution, I thought I’d put in some of the basic and starting information for the Metabolic Diet right at the start. Thus the introduction will immediately detail everything you need to get an overview of how and why the diet works, and to get going on the diet ASAP. In fact I have overdone it in some ways in order to get certain points across, to the point where I maybe even repeat myself once or twice.

By doing it this way it gives you the kernel of information you need to get started ASAP or at least to get enthused enough to read anything else you need to know. Later chapters will have more details and explanations on how to best combine the Metabolic Diet with periodized training and the use of nutritional supplements. The more technical information can be read at leisure or on a need to know basis.

Whatever you read and in whatever sequence you read it, just remember that the basic principles behind the Anabolic Solution are easy to understand and follow. Also that the principles espoused in this book are based on solid scientific principles and research, and real world use.

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  1. uqoar

    The Anabolic Solution is all about manipulating lean body mass and body fat. … By duplicating much of what people get from the use of ergogenic and body composition changing drugs the Anabolic Solution is a safe, effective, and natural alternative to the use of these drugs. Highly Recommended.

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